Mountain Tea – Stachys Iva


Flowering stems of the plant

The power of the mountain. Titanic . Every sip is filled with energy. It strengthens your aura. Heats your heart. We collected blooming peaks for you to drink in a cup. The help of nature is alive in your hands, from Althea.


Stachys iva is a rare geographic plant, endemic to Greece and Serbia, and is indigenous to only three mountain ranges of Greece and two of Serbia.

It is a perennial, herbaceous, durable plant that grows in limestone, rocky soils at an altitude of over 700 meters

Beneficial properties

It is moderately aromatic with lemon notes, has expectorant, heating, anti-inflammatory, antifungal and strong antimicrobial action.


Traditionally in the areas where it grows, the inhabitants consume it on a daily basis, with honey and lemon during the winter months to protect themselves from colds and viruses.